Subway Surfers Game

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Jake the main character is an inspiring artist, great skater and an epic surfer. While Jake is working on a masterpiece a train conductor and his dog try to catch him. From this point onwards the endless surfing begins. You take control of Jake to help him outrun the officer and his mad pitbull. You also have at your disposal many cool power ups such as Jet Packs or hovering skateboards to run and surf on top of moving trains, Keep in mind the whole goal is not to get caught :)

Some of Subway Surfers Features are:

★ Cool variety of Power Ups!
★ Epic and vivid graphics!
★ Glide with a hovering skateboard!
★ Dandy colorful floating Jet Pack!
★ Swipe for awesome acrobatics!
★ Compete against your friends online!

Subway Surfers has by far the best graphics and endless replay value. During your escape you can collect all the coins you come accross and boost your character with many different power ups.

You got it right! In this great adrenalin filled game, you will find yourself jumping from one track to the other, so be sure to stretch before you start surfing :)


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